My transition into veganism

Before I was vegan I always pictured some super fussy person who had very extreme ways, but guess what! that didn't stop me from ...

Before I was vegan I always pictured some super fussy person who had very extreme ways, but guess what! that didn't stop me from trying it. Yes vegans are super fussy and if you are vegan you have to just embrace being the person at a restaurant that asks 5 million questions about the food before you order it; but no, vegans are not extreme, it's hardly extreme to take out meat, other animal by-products and animal cruelty items out of your life, I just think that's simple. 

My plant-based life style started on October 31 2016, for about a week I was thinking and brain storming ideas of something I could start to do that would spice up my life a little bit cause at this point of the year I was getting a bit bored. My original plan was to give up all processed foods but that became extremely complicated and questions arose such as "what about rice that's processed" "so you just won't eat unhealthy processed foods" "you'll eat processed food but not refined foods" and that idea went out the window cause I had actually no idea what I could eat in this challenge and what I couldn't eat so I kept thinking. I went on YouTube and there it was someone's video "what I ate in a day : VEGAN" and that's exactly what I did I decided on the 30th of October that tomorrow I would start my 30 day vegan challenge. 

I couldn't think of any cons about this challenge, eating whole plant based foods is much healthier. I turned plant-based over night, although my diet was very clean before turning plant-based and consisted of lots of fruit I was still eating meat for lunch and dinner before going vegan but that was an easy fix. I didn't go into veganism at the start for the animals because I wasn't aware of that side of it yet. I became plant-based for my health. Through the first 2 weeks of being vegan I watched Cowspiracy (which don't hate me wasn't that amazing) but is did open my eyes up more and then I watched Forks Over Knives which had some amazing facts and through out what I thought something that would just last thirty days I decided it would be for life and not only would I start eating plant-based but I would begin to remove all the products from my house that had any animal involvement and thats when I became more than plant-based but I became Vegan.

Everyday I am learning more and more about what I can do to help the planet, animals and my health. I am excited to take this journey. 

- Mel Rose 

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