March Favorites

Hi all! Today I've decided to share with you all my March favorites because personally when i see other bloggers and youtubers favori...

Hi all!
Today I've decided to share with you all my March favorites because personally when i see other bloggers and youtubers favorites videos it give me ideas on what should go on my list to by next. 

Over the easter holidays I went away to Queensland, Australia and while I was there I went to a market and one stall called 'Spoken' had all of these awesome wooden boards with quotes and words I could of gotten so many! but after coming back and forth to the same stall I decided with the word 'Aloha' with a white background because it goes perfectly above where my makeup sits.

Another item I got while I was in Queensland what this adorable pillow case. I can't remember when the store was called but it was full of so many items that I fell in love with. 

I'm sure almost everyone had heard the Naked palettes being raved about and i will be just another person to do so. I got the first Naked palette for Christmas and it is still my favourite. I think this palette is awesome for people with are getting into makeup and want their first high end makeup product, its doesn't have any colours the you know positively you will never use. But the colours that are there are beautiful and so many different combination of looks can be created.

By now most of you have heard the good old.... actually new trick of using Nivea Men Post shave balm as primer and before using it i was extremely doubtful but my work i was wrong! it is amazing and doesn't leave your skin feeling dried out or anting right after you put it on like some primers do. If you are critical about it i highly suggest you find someone who has it and try it. 

Firstly what drew me to this bronzer was the packaging it is so adorable. I am not the person who likes her bronzer having a shimmer to it or anything, I think that's the highlighters job. but this bronzer is awesome no shimmer and can be used for contour and all over bronzing.

Australis Make-up finish spritz $15.95
I love my drug store buys more than anything in the word and this is another one of my drug store buys that I will probably keep going back to. I haven't tried the urban decay setting spray yet but i think for the price difference ill stick to this one until I get out of school. 

I cannot get enough of the Victoria Secret body mist! Ill always have a few of them on the go at once but recently i have been leaning towards the Mango Temptation.

I am one of those people who will always have plenty of lip balms and will always have one with me and this Lanolips one is amazing they come in other scents or flavours whatever you call it, but I've only tried the cranberry and this lip balm is awesome

 - Mel Rose

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